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Carlene R

My face immediately looked glowy and more felt sensational ✨

Hannah S

I used this Gua Sha to prep my skin on my wedding day. I felt my most beautiful with glowing and lifted skin!


The Basecamp Gua Sha was such a godsend. It gave my skin instant life and glow. The perfect ritual to de-stress both me & my skin 🙌🏼

Anna Y

I absolutely love my Gua Sha! Arrived last week and I feel the benefits already - obsessed!!! Thank you!! Xx


We’re proud to integrate a range of eco-conscious materials into the Base Camp Beauty packaging experience.

These include recyclable FSC certified papers & card stocks for our mailers, wrapping materials & card packaging.

We secure our mailed products with recyclable, biodegradable & compostable packing materials, and compostable packing tape.

Our shipping provider Australia Post is committed to a sustainable future through carbon neutral delivery, and purchases carbon credits to offset emissions of deliveries.

About Base Camp Beauty

Expressing your beauty from the inside out.

Inspiring you to nourish, and enjoy every aspect of yourself and your beauty, we developed a “Base Camp” as a guide to your skincare journey. We believe all great makeup starts with beautiful skin. We're creating a base for you to build on.

Welcome to the self-care journey you deserve.