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Carlene R

My face immediately looked glowy and more felt sensational ✨

Hannah S

I used this Gua Sha to prep my skin on my wedding day. I felt my most beautiful with glowing and lifted skin!


The Basecamp Gua Sha was such a godsend. It gave my skin instant life and glow. The perfect ritual to de-stress both me & my skin 🙌🏼

Anna Y

I absolutely love my Gua Sha! Arrived last week and I feel the benefits already - obsessed!!! Thank you!! Xx

About Base Camp Beauty

Expressing your beauty from the inside out.

Inspiring you to nourish, and enjoy every aspect of yourself and your beauty, we developed a “Base Camp” as a guide to your skincare journey. We believe all great makeup starts with beautiful skin. We're creating a base for you to build on.

Welcome to the self-care journey you deserve.

Welcome to Base Camp Beauty.