Effortless style with Josie Prendergast

Effortless style with Josie Prendergast

Heart, mind & soul.

Like sunlight breaking at golden hour, Josie Prendergast embodies the warm aspiring glow of talent, heart and passion. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about surfing, beauty and self-care.

Being born in the Philippines and raised between there and Byron Bay, what would you say was unique about your childhood?

Coming from two completely different cultures has been such a blessing. I would say it's been unique as I have been able to understand the different cultures and speak two languages I love both Byron and Siargao. They are quite alike in many ways.

How old were you when you started to surf and who taught you?

I have always had the ocean around me, fortunately enough, in Siargao and in Byron. I caught my first wave when I was around seven but didn't really get into it until I was around eleven. My dad taught me how to surf and always pushed me into the sport and the ocean.

You're a signed athlete with Billabong, and travelled all around the world surfing and modelling. What’s been your favourite place to visit and why was it so special?

That's so tough! I have loved everywhere! I created so many friendships and special moments in Peru, Maldives and the Mentawai Islands. The trips that make my heart sing the most is the times Billabong came to visit my birthplace and meet my family and friends. That was truly beautiful.

When you travel what’s always in your make up bag?

Sunscreen, blush, foundation and water proof mascara!

What are some of the ways you unwind after a long day of surfing or shooting?

I like doing face masks and just making sure my body is well rested.

Is there anything special you do with your skin after being in the sun all day?

The past few years I have been a lot more cautious with my skin so having good products and a good routine is important! I make sure to get off all the sunscreen and treat my face with a good serum, lotion and a hydrating spray.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on another little surfing project and a few other ideas.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I am listening to a lot of Loyle Carner. As always! And Reggae!

Lastly, what are three products you can’t live without?

A good lotion, face wash and I also love lipstick haha!
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