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Holly L
Beautiful Simplicity

Gorgeous Gua Sha - bought this as a replacement for my broken Gua Sha and needless to say it’s perfect

Hollie V
Snatched Jawline

I’m obsessed with this product and the Basecamp Beauty brand. I’ve been using my Tiger eye Gua Sha every morning and night when I shower and it’s made such a difference to my jawline and the puffiness in my face, especially if I’ve had a poor sleep. The quality is amazing, it’s so beautifully packaged and presented. It feels like a luxury having this product and it’s definitely worth the 5 star rating. If you are questioning on buying this just do it, you won’t regret it! I’m so excited to try out more of the Basecamp Beauty range as I am so impressed by this product.

Best Service and Best Product!!!!

If I could give this a 10 star review I would.
First off, my package got a weird notification that it had been delivered to a different address but still in transit. I reached out to customer service and Matt emailed me right away and let me know he was going to figure out what was going on. He kept emailing me through the long weekend and reassured me he was figuring out the logistics - so thoughtful! That very morning on the Tuesday after the holiday weekend my gua sha arrived as I was walking out the door for work!
I used it immediately, the packaging is phenomenal and so thoughtfully made. It makes you so much more excited while opening!
Even after using for the very first time, I could tell a difference with the gua sha. Even in the way I felt. I manage a lot of stress and anxiety and I swear the gua sha helped relieve so much tension in my neck and face!
You can tell how high quality the gua sha is right when you open it.
It’s something I look forward to using now any chance I can get.
I 100% recommend the BaseCamp Beauty gua sha and I am so excited to purchase more of the company’s products now!!
Thank you so much Matt from Customer Service and the whole company as a whole - such high quality at reasonable prices and a product that I know will be lasting for a very very long time!!!:)

Sarah S
Holy grail

This is hands down the best gua sha I’ve ever used!! It’s absolutely incredible, cannot fault it.
The packaging is incredible and the customer service was the best I have ever received.
You can tell there is so much passion gone into this product.
I’ve been using my stone for months now but keep meaning to write a review because I’m just blown away with the results from using it daily!!

Anna Young
Amazing tension reliever

I’ve had my Gua Sha for one week and it’s been life changing from the first day. The major benefits I’m feeling are tension relief in jaw and brow area and reduced inflammation! Obsessed!